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Mobile Pay on Demand

An easy, new way to accept payments just about anywhere your business takes you—using your own smartphone. 

Mobile Pay on Demand is the easy pay-as-you-go solution when you’re new to card acceptance and looking to control costs as your business grows. Signing up is quick and simple online.Mobile Pay on Demand

Your mobile phone becomes a payment terminal, allowing you to accept customer payments at the point of sale — regardless of when or where the sale occurs.
A Mobile Pay app and card reader enable you to process payments directly through your smart phone. Contains built-in security features to help keep your customer’s card information safe and protected against fraud.

Mobile Pay on Demand provides a convenient service to your customers. And, because payments are processed in real time with an e-receipt generated and emailed or sent by SMS text to the customer after the transaction is complete, you get instant authorization and your customers can immediately settle their purchases.

Mobile Pay on Demand - Bank of America Merchant Services