Business TrackSM features a user-friendly web portal for easy
access to all your processing data.

Keeping track of key data on all your payment streams is essential to running your business efficiently. Business Track makes accessing and managing your data easier, with a web tool that consolidates the information you want and need.

With Business Track, simply log on to a single, consolidated web tool and take advantage of its many features, which include:

- Card processing summary - Provides key information on credit, debit and prepaid/gift cards. Display shows 7-day processing summaries for net sales and expenses.
- Easy-to-read charts and graphs - Clean design and visual display clearly communicates daily sales, deposit data by payment,and more.
- User-friendly interface - Key applications are organized by popular use, with frequently accessed applications most prominent.
- SpendTrend® Macro - View U.S. consumer buying behavior at the point of sale; gain insight to transaction growth, dollar volume growth and average ticket growth by industry and geographic region. SpendTrend helps you understand industry and regional trends, gauge consumer spending and assess benchmark information.
- Statements access - Link to electronic statement copies of credit and debit card activity for previous 13 months.
- Disputes summary - View information on open disputes with hot link to online tool.
- Online account maintenance - Make changes to your account,including delivery method, address and contact information.
- Contact list - Handy reference of bank contact information.
- Resources - Convenient links to training demos, industry news and business glossary.