The Dispute Manager Service is an easier way for you to manage sales disputes while
helping to reduce risk and prevent fraud.

Handling fraud and chargeback issues can be time consuming and costly to
your bottom line. Merchants agree their time is best spent focusing on their
customers and business operations, rather than administrative paperwork.

The Dispute Manager service offers an easier, more efficient way to manage sales disputes and reduce risk. It facilitates the management of chargeback and retrieval sales disputes via the internet.

As a web-based tool, Dispute Manager enables the exchange of information and
documentation between you and Bank of America Merchant Services. It helps respond to chargebacks with the automation of retrieval request responses that
expedite the fulfillment process.

And it offers online help, providing you with detailed sales dispute information for
educational purposes and possible preventative point-of-sale practices.

Now, with the enhanced technology of Dispute Manager, you have the ability to conduct your business with greater efficiency and effectiveness.