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Custom Insights

With an ever-growing array of purchasing channels, customer interactions produce important information that drives the need for analytics. With Custom Insights by Bank of America Merchant Services, you can access +50% of U.S. card transactions to deliver customized actionable analytics on business performance.

Customer Loyalty
  • Real loyalty analysis
  • Customer engagement
  • Wallet share trends
  • Product preferences
New Business Opportunities
  • Location assessment and selection
  • Daypart cross-sell
  • Spend adjacencies
Performance Measurement
  • Loyalty program performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Digital and performance
Market Trends
  • Market share analysis by location
  • Revenue forecasting based on macroeconomic trends

Find answers to questions like:

  • Am I attracting the right customers?
  • How is my customer base changing over time? Am I acquiring new customers or experiencing attrition?
  • Where should I consider opening my next stores, and which should I close or reformat?
  • How do promotions affect overall customer loyalty?
  • What impact has competitor activity had on our performance?

Custom Insights in action

Our solutions can help you answer key operational questions


How competitive is our company in the B2B selling space?

Our solutions help you:
  • Analyze sales compared to competitors
  • Determine trends over time
To inform decisions about:
  • B2B sales strategy and new sales channel


How do my stores compare to each other in market share capture?

Our solutions help you:
  • Compare all client stores in a DMA using industry and competitor spend data
  • Evaluate day-of-the-week changes in customer spend behavior
To inform decisions about:
  • New location decisions
  • Capital budget allocations for renovations


What other purchases do my customers spend on before and after visits?

Our solutions help you:
  • Analyze spend adjacencies for customers three hours before and three hours after a visit
To inform decisions about:
  • Partnership strategy with other businesses
  • Product offering expansions

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