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uCommerce is an end-to-end solution

Consumers are constantly connected to their digital devices, and technology has changed how they make purchases. Your customers expect a seamless purchasing experience throughout their daily routines, no matter what device they are using. Bank of America Merchant Services’ Universal Commerce (“uCommerce”) solution integrates into your existing mobile application to allow your customers to pay securely from anywhere.


  • Accept all major payment types – credit, debit, virtual gift card and ACH
  • Enable gift card issuance, balance inquiry and auto or on-demand reload
  • Maintain security and mitigate fraud with secure account enrollment and storage, fraud management tools and industry-leading tokenization
  • Maintain link to loyalty with a master consumer ID linked to payment vehicle

Mobile offers & loyalty

  • Connect existing, 3rd party loyalty and coalitions to mobile loyalty solutions, including digital punch cards and points programs
  • Enroll and validate customers, access account information, and enable customers to earn and redeem
  • Access analytics based on loyalty and payment behavior
  • Manage publishing and redemption with a sophisticated rules engine

Mobile & online ordering & payments

  • Enable consumers to order and pay in advance from a PC or mobile device, at kiosks,  check lanes, or drive thru’s
  • Shorten queue times and increase customer satisfaction

Gift card management services

  • Turn an anonymous transaction into a customer that you can communicate with and engage
  • Enable customers to manage gift cards, check balances and histories and perform reloads
  • Use loading and auto-reloading capabilities to create deeper and stickier engagement with customers

Discover how you can create a seamless mobile experience

Universal Commerce from Bank of America Merchant Services is a unique payment solution that helps you keep up with your constantly connected consumers. uCommerce offers a virtually seamless digital experience that integrates with your existing mobile application and can be customized to provide the unique experiences your customers want, saving them time and money while adding value to your brand.

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