Restaurant solutions

Solve restaurant pain points at the point-of-sale with payment processing, gift cards and analytics

Big changes are reshaping the restaurant industry

It all revolves around the customer experience. People want the option to order out or dine-in whenever they want.

That means quick and easy payment is expected. And with the increasingly complex logistics required to keep up, investing in data analysis is crucial.

The checkout experience must be painless
Data needs to be analyzed

Industry trends and the tools to navigate them

Gift card options to help grow your business

74% of gift card redeemers spend more than the amount on the card, and the average over-spend is $59.1 Whether it be a physical or digital gift card, consumers now expect access to multiple channels for shopping and payment. And gift cards can be a great way to run promotions and rebates to help drive consumer loyalty.

We have a variety of gift card solutions to help you grow your business.

Create an enjoyable dining experience

When customers choose to dine-in, they do it for the experience. Your customers might love your service or your atmosphere, and in either case, it is essential that your payment operations do not distract from your carefully curated experience.

Whether you operate a quick, counter-service model or a fine dining establishment, our solutions can give your guests a seamless payment experience.

Understand and improve the complexities of your business

With any operation, you need a range of analytics and reporting to see the big picture of your business and to get into the details. From analyzing peak performance times and locations to getting inventory levels straightened out, restaurants are no different.

Get meaningful analytics and insights from all your payment data.

More helpful resources, tips, and trends

Hear from the experts at Bank of America Merchant Services about the notable trends in this increasingly digital era, which are reshaping the way consumers shop and pay for goods and services.

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