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Whether you’re looking to minimize losses, reduce operational costs or you’ve experienced a data breach and need help minimizing future risk, our fraud and security solutions and the tools of our Solution Partners are customizable to your business’ needs and offer an effective way to keep customer information, your business and your brand secure. We can help you:

Secure payment data 

Mitigate fraud costs and chargeback rates

Implement tighter security controls

Customize your own fraud rules

A holistic fraud and data security strategy is critical for your organization

Powerful payment security can secure card data throughout the entire transaction, significantly reducing the risk of sensitive card data being stolen in the event of a data breach. 

Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated, using stealthier and more complex monetization schemes1. A strong fraud strategy can help establish a response to an immediate threat, minimize losses and establish a deterrent, driving fraudsters elsewhere.

Encrypt and tokenize transactions in all channels

With a multilayered security solution, like TransArmor® Data Protection, protect card data from cyber criminals.

  • Data Encryption helps protect card data from the moment of card contact (swipe, dip or tap) until it reaches our secured processors
  • Data Tokenization removes sensitive card data from your environment by replacing it with a randomly generated token

Help reduce costs and protect eCommerce transactions

Help increase online sales and lower decline rates as part of the authorization process using Consumer Authentication.

  • Help reduce card-not-present fraud risk by verifying the customer’s digital signature
  • Shift liability to consumer’s issuing bank by allowing them to authenticate directly using risk profiles and fraud screening

Efficiently manage chargebacks and disputes

When you combine payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with the dispute resolution platform and tools offered by our solution partner, Chargeback, you get a solution that can help prevent post-authorization fraud.2 Contact a business consultant for an introduction to Chargeback.

Chargeback complements pre-authorization fraud prevention strategies with features designed to help you:

Use machine learning to score fraud in real-time

Machine learning constantly learns and adapts to new fraud trends and behaviors via cyber intelligence rules to instantly provide a risk score for every transaction and help you decide whether to accept, decline or review.

  • Decision Manager3, the world’s largest Fraud Detection radar4, leverages data and insights from over 68B transactions processed annually to increase detection accuracy.
  • With intuitive and highly customizable machine learning platforms such as Fraud Detect, you get to keep most of your profit while saving thousands of dollars in potential chargeback fees.

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