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We complete transactions of virtually any size, at any time, on any device for enterprise clients across a diverse array of business categories. We continuously develop and implement cutting-edge technologies that will help improve your customers’ overall purchasing experience. Most importantly, we listen to your challenges, and recommend a customized set of solutions based on your specific business needs and goals.  For solutions that go beyond traditional payment processing, Bank of America Merchant Services is here to help.


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Our payment solutions are designed to offer small businesses simplicity, flexibility and security

From taking payments online to upgrading your POS solution with the latest hardware and business applications, our business consultants can help you decide the most appropriate solution for your business. We offer a robust suite of processing, eCommerce and security solutions – all designed to help small businesses be more efficient, deliver a better customer experience and grow. Even better, we’re here to walk you through it all, step-by-step.

Work with an established market leader to help you operate more efficiently and grow your business

Enterprise merchants across all industries need evolving payment solutions as they continue to expand their business through traditional brick and mortar stores and online presence and Bank of America Merchant Services is here to help. By utilizing our industry insights and knowledge of consumer behavior, Bank of America Merchant Services develops point of sale, eCommerce and security solutions that closely align with our clients’ revenue goals and business needs. We provide easy-to-access emerging technologies and systems that help merchants improve the consumer payment experience. We help clients adapt to the new and ever-changing digital commerce environment and navigate an increasingly complex world of industry challenges and regulations.

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