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Bank of America Merchant Services is here to assist our clients impacted by COVID-19

As small businesses and communities across the country take drastic steps to help contain the novel coronavirus, we realize you’re balancing the health of your customers and employees with that of your business.

Bank of America Merchant Services has gathered recommendations to help you find success in this challenging time and beyond.

Near-term solutions

Online and mobile payment technology can help you continue conducting business

Virtual terminals

If you need to accept card payments over the phone or through the mail, we recommend Clover POS users utilize the virtual terminal in the Clover Dashboard. A virtual terminal allows you to enter card numbers into a web portal just like you would your physical payment terminal.

Online ordering apps

With social distancing and other safety measures in full effect, some businesses may need to implement new strategies for reaching customers at home. Merchants using Clover POS solutions should visit the Clover App Market for apps that can help with online ordering and delivery. Menufy, for example, enables online ordering for both carryout and delivery with no set-up fees.

Mobile POS devices

As governments and health and safety experts continue to recommend restricted gathering sizes, dining rooms and retail spaces are exploring new ways to interact with customers. Mobile point-of-sale devices can enable strategies like pay-at-the-curb and other on-the-go business models. Consider Clover Go and Clover Flex, both of which can accept payment over WiFi and cellular networks.

New business models

Adapting your business to a post-pandemic world

The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the way businesses and consumers interact. For instance, eCommerce has proven instrumental for maintaining sales for many segments of the economy. As you address the health of your business and take steps to secure your path forward, feel free to consult the various resources we have available.

Understand emerging consumer and payment trends

Dive into the technologies and behaviors affecting businesses large and small. In this playback of a recent webinar, you'll get tips on effective websites and loyalty programs, among other things.

Watch webinar playback

Launch your eCommerce business

Even if you're new to doing business online, you can easily build an online storefront and offer your customers a quick, convenient way to check out online. Watch this webinar playback to learn how to get started.

Watch webinar playback

Uncover the hidden value of gift cards

Small businesses have discovered new benefits of gift cards. They can help you find new customers and unlock incremental revenue - in addition to promoting loyalty and return visits.

Read more about gift cards

Make informed decisions based on analytics

To help your business find its footing, you may need to take a closer look at its performance. Main Street Insights can help explore sales figures, customer behaviors and more.

Read more about Main Street Insights

Don't stop there

If anything, this pandemic has taught the business world that adaptability is key to surviving and thriving in any economic situation. Visit our small business resource page and blog to get additional details for moving forward.

Account updates and industry rules

Whatever changes you make, be sure to keep us informed

As you shift your business model and establish yourself for future success, please keep us informed of any changes. How you accept card payments can affect how your transactions are processed and may result in funding delays, increased risk of chargebacks and fraud, and even payment industry rule violations.

Contact us before implementing these business model changes:

  • How you take payments - Are you transitioning from in-person (swiped, tapped or dipped) transactions to phone or online transactions?
  • What and how much you sell - Have you changed the type of products or services you offer? Or has your sales volume or average transaction size shifted?
  • Where you take payment - Have you started taking payments at locations other than your place of business?
  • Doing business across international borders - Have you started doing business in additional countries, including making international sales online?

Avoid these common issues as you adjust your business:

  • Processing payments for another business. Taking payments for another business, whether owned by you or anyone else, is a violation of regulations and could result in the closure of your merchant account and an inability to accept card payments in the future.
  • Taking deposits or payment on future services. Unless it's already a part of your existing business model, regulations prevent accepting payment for products or services to be provided at a future date.
  • Using personal credit cards for business purposes. Regulations do not allow the use of personal credit cards to provide a cash advance for the company. Doing so many result in the termination of the account and an inability to accept card payments in the future.

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