Support for your business

Bank of America Merchant Services is here to support our clients impacted by COVID-19

As businesses and communities across the country take drastic steps to help contain the novel coronavirus, we realize you’re balancing the health of your customers and employees with that of your business.

Bank of America Merchant Services has gathered recommendations to help you explore alternative methods of meeting the needs of your customers, while mitigating the impact to your business during this challenging time.

Near-term solutions

Mobile and online payment technologies can help you continue securely conducting business

Mobile POS solutions

As public spaces close down, more businesses are adapting by going curbside to continue conducting business. You might consider:

  • Mobile point-of-sale devices that can enable pay-at-the curb business models
  • Optimizing your mobile experience to increase customer satisfaction 

Read about some strategies that can help optimize your mobile pay experience.

eCommerce solutions

Offering your customers a quick, convenient way to check out online is a great way to continue conducting business and can go hand-in-hand with your mobile experience. As more people shop online while they're social distancing in their homes, will they be satisfied with your business' online experience?

Gift card programs

Gift card programs provide an opportunity to stay connected with your top customers even during these times of social distancing. Enabling online gift cards turns anonymous transactions into a customer that you can communicate and engage with.

Read about protecting your business from gift card fraud.

Fraud and security solutions

Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and are always looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit. A holistic fraud and security strategy is always critical for your organization but especially in times of uncertainty. Our fraud and data security solutions can help:

  • protect eCommerce transactions
  • reduct costs
  • increase online sales
  • lower decline rates

Read about fighting the new waves of fraud.

Account updates and industry rules

Whatever changes you make, be sure to keep us informed

As you shift your business model and establish yourself for future success, please keep us informed of any changes. How you accept card payments can affect how your transactions are processed and may result in funding delays, increased risk of chargebacks and fraud, and even payment industry rule violations.

Contact us before implementing these business model changes:

  • How you take payments - Are you transitioning from in-person (swiped, tapped or dipped) transactions to phone or online transactions?
  • What and how much you sell - Have you changed the type of products or services you offer? Or has your volume shifted?
  • Where you take payment - Have you started taking payments at locations other than your place of business?
  • Doing business across international borders - Have you started doing business in additional countries, including making international sales online?

Avoid these common issues as you adjust your business:

  • Processing payments for another business. Taking payments for another business, whether owned by you or anyone else, is a violation of regulations and could result in the closure of your merchant account and an inability to accept card payments in the future.
  • Taking deposits or payment on future services. Unless it's already a part of your existing business model, regulations prevent accepting payment for products or services to be provided at a future date.
  • Using personal credit cards for business purposes. Regulations do not allow the use of personal credit cards to provide a cash advance for the company. Doing so may result in the termination of the account and an inability to accept card payments in the future.