As you increasingly seek ways to reduce expenses, the elimination of company-printed paper paychecks presents one such opportunity. But, while direct deposit is a widely accepted payment mechanism, millions of employees in the U.S. remain unbanked or choose not to have their pay deposited into a traditional bank account.

With Money Network® Payroll Distribution Service, you can provide your employees all the benefits of electronic pay while reducing costs at the same time.

Switching to this 100% electronic pay-to-the-penny solution with Money Network® Cards and Money NetworkTM Checks allows you to:

  • Maximize direct deposit participation
  • Reduce payroll costs (printing, distribution, overhead)
  • Streamline administrative responsibilities
  • Access dedicated training and implementation assistance
  • Improve payroll security and control
  • Reduce check fraud
  • Ensure prompt disbursement and access for all employees
  • Deliver uninterrupted pay in the event of a disaster