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Cutting edge technology solutions meet payment processing

Our Solution Partners1 have industry-leading technology platforms

At Bank of America Merchant Services, we work with our Solution Partners to bring together market-leading partner solutions in one place. We create offerings that redefine the payment landscape for our merchants both large and small.


Streamline payments in one account to increase efficiency.

BlueSnap is an innovative all-in-one payment platform that helps U.S. merchants with global reach increase revenue and reduce costs through a single integration and one account. When you combine payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with BlueSnap’s all-in-one payment platform, you get an eCommerce solution that can help streamline payments for growing global businesses that want a packaged approach to eCommerce.

Industry Verticals: B2B, B2C, Consumer Goods, Digital Goods, SaaS, Marketplace


Improve your online presence with a mobile friendly eCommerce experience.

BigCommerce is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that provides merchants with a scalable all-in-one platform to quickly create a digital storefront and begin generating revenue. The platform comes with all of the latest features and best practices for encouraging improved search rankings, quicker page loads and higher conversions.

Industry Verticals: eCommerce businesses


Easily manage and increase the value of recurring payments.

Recurly is a subscription management platform that offers a variety of subscription management plans, selling options, and reporting to help subscription-based businesses earn more revenue from subscribers. When you combine payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with Recurly’s subscription management platform you can implement a solution that can help merchants earn more revenue from subscribers.

Industry Verticals: Streaming Media, Healthcare, Childcare, Charity, Education, Consumer Goods & Services, Insurance & Auto, TV & Radio 


Retail-specific POS and operations software.

Springboard Retail is an omni-channel specialty retail POS solution that integrates with the Clover Mini to accept payments. Springboard Retail is a full retail management system that helps power sales, purchasing, inventory, customer engagement, promotions, real-time reporting and profits with real-time data and a powerful analytics engine. The combination of Bank of America Merchant Services processing services and Springboard Retail’s cloud POS and retail management software provides a powerful solution that delivers real-time insights and capabilities to help run an efficient and profitable omni-channel operation.

Industry Verticals: Retail


Offer your customers a range of flexible payment options.

Tempus is a payment gateway technology that offers end-to-end encryption to streamline and help secure payments. A comprehensive solution for all payment types including EMV/card-present, CNP/eCommerce, mobile, web browser, over the phone and check processing. When you combine payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with Tempus Technologies’ payment gateway technology, you get a solution that can help you provide your customers a variety of flexible, secure payment options.

Industry Verticals: Retail, Automotive, Healthcare/Pharmacy, Financial Services and Insurance


Simplify operations with software specifically designed for the food services industry.

Bypass offers a specialized food and beverage POS solution for sports, stadium and venue/event food services to help streamline payments and food operations and provide rich insights into business. The Bypass solution is a combination of software and hardware from Bypass and Bank of America Merchant Services processing.

Industry Verticals: Sports Arenas, Concert and Event Venues, Contracted Food Services


Save time and money with minimized fraud and disputes.

This solution complements pre-authorization fraud prevention strategies with features designed to help lower and improve dispute ratios, and manage overall disputes. When you combine payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with Chargeback’s dispute resolution platform and tools, you get a solution that can help prevent post-authorization fraud. Learn how a top national retailer used Chargeback to lower dispute volume and chargeback amounts.

Industry Verticals: Retail and Digital Goods


Data-driven insights to help you measure and improve upon the return from your marketing efforts.

Commerce Signals provides existing Bank of America Merchant Services processing clients a platform to help measure digital marketing, in near real-time, by using aggregated, anonymized transaction data and digital advertising impressions. By combining payment processing from Bank of America Merchant Services with Commerce Signals’ platform you are able to review data that that can help maximize the impact of your advertising spend. Learn how a top U.S. retailer used Commerce Signals to measure incremental sales driven by their digital marketing tactics.

Industry Verticals: Retail, Restaurants and QSR, Entertainment

Our Gateways

We offer leading gateway solutions that allow our customers to have one relationship for gateway and acquiring services as well as a cutting edge solution to meet their business and development needs.



Accept a variety of payment types quickly and securely.

Bank of America Merchant Services offers eCommerce Payment Platform, using Authorize.Net technology, to provide a fully integrated turnkey ecommerce solution to drive your businesses’ success including automation of recurring bills, securely storing sensitive data, preventing fraud2, establishing credibility online, digital invoicing and accepting payments on the go. Seamlessly accept credit and signature debit payments online and drive growth.

Industry Verticals: eCommerce small businesses


Simplify payments and operations in global markets.

Bank of America Merchant Services offers Global Payment Platform, using CyberSource technology, to provide a complete portfolio of eCommerce services that can help simplify payment operations for use across multiple channels and geographic locations.

Industry Verticals: eCommerce businesses

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