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Alerts lets you stay on top of key events—without spending time reading through multiple reports for information.

Your busy schedule makes it ever-challenging to keep informed on key events that have bottom-line impact to your business. Troubleshooting these issues can be an ongoing drain on your time and resources. Wouldn’t it be better for your business if you had advance notice of these key events?

Alerts is a user-friendly, quick way to stay informed without having to consistently depend on available online tools. Now, instead of going online and spending time sifting through report after report, Alerts notifies you by email message with items that need your attention.

With Alerts, you’ll receive speedy notifications the following business day alerting you to key events. Choose from a wide variety of reconciliation alerts and dispute alerts, whichever are most relevant to your needs. You can set thresholds that match your business needs and volume preferences.

The Alerts enrollment process is fast and easy, too. With Alerts, the days of missing deadlines that cost you unnecessary chargeback losses are over.