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Clover Check Acceptance1 empowers small business owners like you to accept checks with ease and confidence. Leveraging a robust, real-time TeleCheck® database fed by 364,000 participating merchants2, Clover Check Acceptance can help identify the risk associated with check-writing customers and help minimize fraud and/or loss so you can focus on core business functions. Two risk analytics services are offered:

  • Warranty: TeleCheck absorbs any returned check losses3
  • Verification: An approved/denied response is received for every check, but returned checks are absorbed by the merchant

Clover Check Acceptance helps save time and money because you no longer need to handle, secure, and deposit paper checks. And funding within two banking days can improve cash flow. From a consumer-facing point of view, allowing payment by check contributes to a customer-led experience, as does returning paper checks to customers at the point of sale, which reduces the paper trail and helps keep personal information safe.

If your business already uses Clover Station or Clover Mini as a POS solution, adding Clover Check Acceptance is quick and easy.

  • Download the Check Acceptance app from the Clover App Market
  • Choose the appropriate Check Acceptance product(s) based on business needs
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Install and set up the chosen Check Acceptance products (about 10 minutes)
  • Check acceptance button appears on register and merchant is ready to accept checks
Not using Clover POS hardware/software? Don’t worry; you can still use Clover Check Acceptance.

Contact us to learn about which of the following Clover Check Acceptance products will best meet your business needs:

  • Clover Check Acceptance – In Person: Clover’s most popular check-acceptance service, designed for POS transactions
  • Clover Check Acceptance – Online: Expand your business by enabling customers to make spontaneous online purchases directly from their checking accounts
  • Clover Check Acceptance – By Mail/Drop Box: Paper checks collected via your drop box are quickly and easily converted to electronic transactions
  • Clover Check Acceptance – Specialty Items: Save time by depositing checks electronically
  • Clover Check Acceptance – Recurring Payment: Set up pre-arranged, recurring payments from customers’ checking accounts
  • Clover Check Acceptance – By Phone: Enable customers to securely make check payments over the phone
  • Clover Check Acceptance – Paper: Customer presents a paper check, you process it through your terminal for approval/denial, and paper checks are deposited in the bank

1Services provided by TeleCheck. Requires separate contract with TeleCheck.
2Per Telecheck as of January, 2017
3Subject to complying with the standard warranty requirements listed in the merchant's agreement with Telecheck. Merchants need to comply with these requirements in order for Telecheck to warrant these transacations.