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TeleCheck® is a leading provider of check acceptance, check processing, and risk analytics services1. As the industry’s most sophisticated check-acceptance system, TeleCheck helps merchants accept checks with ease and confidence by leveraging a robust database of 364,000 active merchant locations2 to help identify risk associated with check-writing customers in real time.

You can choose between two service options to help protect your business against bad checks: Warranty and Verification. With Warranty Service, the database is leveraged to determine if the check is likely to be fraudulent, and TeleCheck absorbs any losses associated with returned checks.3 With Verification Service, checks are screened against the database and an approved/declined response is returned for every transaction, helping to minimize risk associated with check acceptance. But unlike Warranty service, returned checks are absorbed by you.

TeleCheck helps save time and money because you no longer need to handle, secure, and deposit paper checks. And funding within two banking days can improve cash flow. From a consumer-facing point of view, allowing payment by check contributes to a customer-led experience, as does returning paper checks to customers at the POS, which reduces the paper trail and helps keep personal information safe.

Contact us to learn about which of the following TeleCheck products will best meet your business needs:

  • Electronic Check Acceptance® TeleCheck’s most popular service, designed for Point of Sale transactions
  • Internet Check Acceptance® – Expand your business by enabling customers to make spontaneous online purchases directly from their checking accounts
  • Lockbox Pro21® Paper checks collected via your drop box are quickly and easily converted to electronic transactions
  • e-Deposit – Save time and reduce expenses by depositing checks electronically
  • RemotePaySM service – Set up pre-arranged, recurring payments from customers’ checking accounts
  • Checks by PhoneSM Enable customers to securely make check payments over the phone
  • CONNECTPAYSM Give customers added incentive to return by allowing them to link a checking account to your loyalty program. Each time they shop with you and use your branded debit card, they are automatically rewarded according to the parameters of your loyalty program, and you save on card transaction fees.

1Services provided by TeleCheck. Requires separate contract with TeleCheck.
2Per Telecheck as of January, 2017
3Subject to complying with the standard warranty requirements listed in the merchant's agreement with Telecheck. Merchants need to comply with these requirements in order for Telecheck to warrant these transacations.