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For your success, you know that keeping up in the business world requires keeping customers happy by giving them the service options they demand.

Bank of America Merchant Services’ integrated processing services and state-of-the-art terminals and peripherals give you the ability to accept virtually any payment type. You can say “yes” to checks, credit cards, Personal Identification Number (PIN) Debit and Signature Debit cards, electronic benefits transfers (EBTs) and gift cards.

We maintain relationships with all major credit/debit providers, meaning that you don’t need to hesitate when a customer hands you a card. We also offer the optional Card Account Updater, which keeps your customers’ data up to date.

Cash transactions now represent only one-quarter of all in-store purchases1, and the trend of increasing debit and credit card payments is expected to continue. Be at your best with our services and products that provide flexibility to enhance your business.

1 Hitachi Consulting and BAI. “2010 Study of Consumer Payment Preferences,” September 2010