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Accelerate payment acceptance with Global Gateway e4sm

Internet payment gateways are not just for accepting online retail payments from a website anymore. As payment acceptance has evolved over the years you can now use an internet payment gateway to accept payments for nearly every type of business andpayment channel.

The Global Gateway e4sm is an easily integrated, PCI compliant internet payment gateway that supports multiple ways for merchants to accept payments for their business (Real-time payment manager, Hosted Checkout and Web Service API). With the most current technologies for web-based payment processing and state of the art systems, Global Gateway e4sm is a reliable and stable product with support available virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

E4’s payment functionality and capabilities allow businesses to optimize payments to reduce cost and decrease inefficiencies. For smaller merchants it provides a business friendly virtual terminal for retail and mail/phone order payments as well as the ability to accept web based payments from a wide variety of off the shelf shopping cart applications and hosting providers. For larger merchants it provides another integration point into the processing platform to eliminate the need to directly code to the processing platform. With built in real-time authorization available on the state of the art Compass processing platform, merchants are assured fast transaction responses and industry leading uptime.

For Video demonstrations, documentation and to sign up for a test account, please visit the First Data Global Gateway e4 Knowledge Base at