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If you accept card-not-present (CNP) transactions, you are at significantly higher risk of fraud, chargebacks and cybercrime. To protect your business against potential fraud, you may already be using a variety of tools and tactics. Unfortunately, some of these fraud prevention strategies are ineffective and expensive, and may cause hassles in your customer experience or processing flow.

To help you eliminate the difficulties and limitations of existing fraud tools, we offer Fraud FlexDetectSM as an add-on functionality within the Global GatewaySM. Fraud FlexDetect has been built with the help of Accertify, an industry-leading fraud detection company.

With this comprehensive solution, you get access to a sophisticated technology without tedious, complex integration efforts. An automated, real-time scoring engine evaluates the risk level of transaction data during the authorization process. And Fraud FlexDetect offers you visibility into reporting, chargeback details, performance review and more, further ensuring optimal impact in preventing cybercrime.