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What you need to know about the changes to point-of-sale requirements.

With EMV chip card technology, the card brands have introduced "liability shifts." If your payment devices are not EMV enabled, your business could be held liable for counterfeit fraud losses when chip cards are used (card-present transactions only). This Bank of America Merchant Services white paper can help you learn more about the current plan for EMV in the U.S. and how to plan an EMV strategy for your business.

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Do you understand the consequences of not implementing EMV-enabled technology?

It's crucial for small businesses to know the costs and benefits of EMV adoption. Your business may be at risk if you haven’t transitioned to EMV processing.

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EMV chip technology has arrived. Is your point-of-sale terminal ready?

See the key differences and similarities between the FD130 and FD130 Duo terminals in this side-by-side comparison.

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Educate customers who may be unfamiliar with EMV technology.

Merchants that are not EMV enabled may be able to address cardholder concerns by placing this fact sheet at checkout. It includes speaking points for merchants/cashiers and links to additional resources.

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What you should know about EMV now that the "liability shift" is here.

Get clear answers to common questions about EMV. These FAQs by Bank of America Merchant Services will help make the EMV process easier and more understandable.

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This helpful chart identifies liability by merchant processing solution and card capabilities.

The chart includes the chargeback reason codes — by card brand — that may be attributed to the U.S. EMV liability shift.

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Some facts you need to know about EMV chip cards.

This helpful resource may help clear up some common misconceptions about EMV chip card technology. It also explains what the "liability shift" really means.

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This tent card gives customers quick facts on EMV and card security.

Merchants that are not EMV enabled can display this tent card at checkout to help educate customers on the top three EMV myths and facts.

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Learn what steps you can take to help make the transition to EMV an easier one for both you and your customers.

This video provides an overview of EMV and discusses its benefits.

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Help your customers understand the EMV checkout experience.

Display this tent card at checkout to give your customers step-by-step instructions for using their EMV chip cards.

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EMV Chip Card Technology - Get the Ins and Outs of Dips and Taps

Still unclear about EMV chip card technology and the mechanics behind purchases (chip card dips and contactless payment taps)? This helpful infographic explains the ins and outs of dips and taps, and how it’s making card-present payments more secure. Adopt the chip standard and help protect against counterfeit card-present fraud and unauthorized charges.

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