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Service and repair payment solutions

Take payments wherever your business takes you.

If you're an electrician or a contractor, or if you operate any on-the-go business, you work with customers at their homes or places of business. You need payment solutions that enable you to securely receive payments after every job, and better manage your business from virtually anywhere.

Service and repair business solutions help you:

Accept credit and debit cards:
We provide your business with secure acceptance and processing of credit, debit and mobile wallet payments.

Take payments in field:
Choose from several mobile POS solutions that allow you to accept payments virtually anywhere.

Process mail and phone payments:
If you invoice customers after the job is done, we offer solutions to help you accept payment by mail or phone.

Facilitate inventory management:
Keeping track of inventory is easier with Clover POS devices, so you know when to restock your warehouse or delivery vehicles.2

Manage your workforce:
Clover POS solutions help simplify labor management with tools that ease scheduling, track hours, deploy clock-in/clock out alerts, and more.2

Increase your confidence in accepting checks:
Leverage Clover® Check Acceptance to securely process checks without trips to the bank.3

Reward customers:
Clover POS users can use an app to create fun and effective loyalty programs that help keep customers coming back.2

Leverage business insights:
Access comprehensive dashboard reporting from virtually anywhere, to help you make informed business decisions.

Secure your data:
Our POS solutions encrypt and tokenize card data to minimize the impact of a data breach and give you peace of mind.4

Innovative solutions help deliver better service to your customers.

We offer several POS solutions designed to process all major payment types at your shop/office or off-site with customers via WiFi® or LTE connectivity1. You can also have access to more than 200 apps2 that help you manage your business, from inventory control to customer affairs.


Recommended for service and repair industry

Clover Flex for service and repair businesses: a flexible, mobile-optimized POS solution.

Everything you need in one simple device with smart touchscreen

Extensive payment acceptance capabilities on-to-go or at your office/shop.

Clover Go6 for service and repair businesses: take payments in the field with your smartphone or tablet.

Small enough to go wherever you go

Accept payments virtually anywhere by connecting via Bluetooth® to your smartphone or tablet.6

eCommerce for service and repair businesses: solutions to help you go digital, from accepting payments online to an app that enables you to build your own website

Keep your virtual doors open 24/7/365

Our eCommerce solutions offer options for virtually any business need, so you can establish a professional digital and mobile presence.

Clover apps to help service and repair business run more efficiently. 1

Invoice ASAP app:
Manage customers, generate reports and sync invoicing with accounting.

Check Acceptance app:
Clover Check Acceptance utilizes TeleCheck’s Verification and/or Warranty service to help protect against check losses, so you can accept checks with confidence.3 Available via Clover Station and Mini.

DIY website:
A digital presence is critical for success. If you have a Clover® point-of-sale solution and need a website, you can get online in virtually no time using a variety of solutions found in the Clover App Market.1

Customers app:
View customer information such as transaction history, birthday, notes and marketing preferences.

Rewards app:
Create a fun and effective loyalty program within minutes.

Feedback app:
Privately hear what your customers think.

Promos app:
Automatically contact your repeat customers and encourage them to return with targeted promotional offerings.

Insights app:
Actionable reporting and insights to help you bring in new business, accurately target your marketing, compare your business to industry benchmarks and more.


"Dixon was down to earth, knew his products inside out and really cares for his clients."

-Da Fu Eric Zheng, Owner/CEO, BYOC AUTO REPAIR, on his experience with his Bank of America Merchant Services business consultant.

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