Clover® Flex

Clover Flex: a versatile, full-featured mobile device with extensive payment acceptance capabilities

Clover Flex is a versatile, full-featured mobile POS solution, taking payments at your place of business or on the go.
1.5 lbs
External power adapter with DC input
TransArmor® Data Protection3

Clover Flex

With a built-in scanner, camera, and printer, Clover Flex can help you process orders and payments more quickly. Device lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

Choose from a wide range of apps focusing on business operations, marketing and performance measurement to help your business grow and run more efficiently.2

Built-in barcode scanner and automatic inventory tracking help ensure you’re not short of important stock.

By enabling offline transaction mode, your device can continue to accept payments even when your internet is weak or down.4

Take Clover Flex virtually wherever your customers are.1

TransArmor Data protection helps protect card data if your system is breached.3

Clover apps help your business do more1

Customers app

View customer information, transaction history, birthday, notes and marketing preferences.

Promos app

Automatically contact repeat customers and encourage them to return with targeted promotional offerings.

Rewards app

Create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes.

Insights app

Actionable insights help you bring in new business, better target your marketing, compare your business to industry benchmarks, and more.

Feedback app

Privately hear to what your customers think.

Gift Cards app

Simple and cost-effective gift card program that integrates with Clover POS solutions.