Clover® Mobile

Clover Mobile: take orders and accept payments almost anywhere

Take the checkout to your customers with a portable, ergonomic point-of-sale solution designed for fast, secure and reliable transactions.1

Man paying with a credit card at a restaurant
Clover Mobile is a portable POS solution with a built-in barcode scanner.
1.2 lbs
Single power source for display and printer
TransArmor® Data Protection3

Clover Mobile

Handheld touchscreen device allows you to take card payments virtually wherever your customers are.1

Accepts swipe, chip card, and NFC payments.

Business apps to help your business run more efficiently.2

Cloud-based system with real-time reporting to analyze your business performance.

Built-in scanner for fast order-taking and inventory control.

TransArmor® Data Protection helps protect card data if your system is breached.3

Accept payments even when your internet is weak or down.4

Lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

Add the Clover Mobile accessories you need

Printer accessory for Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile Printer

Clover Mobile can pair with this Clover Mobile Printer to produce paper receipts, even on the go. Clover Mobile Printer comes with a baseclip, and is made of liquid silicone rubber for improved drop performance.

Clip accessory for Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile Clip

Carry your Clover Mobile, hands-free, with a holster. Start an order with a Clover Mobile in-hand and once you’re done, free your hands by sliding Clover Mobile into your holster clip.

Clover apps help your business do more1

Customers app

View customer information, transaction history, birthday, notes and marketing preferences.

Promos app

Automatically contact repeat customers and encourage them to return with targeted promotional offerings.

Rewards app

Create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes.

Insights app

Actionable insights help you bring in new business, better target your marketing, compare your business to industry benchmarks, and more.

Feedback app

Privately hear what your customers think.

Gift Cards app

Simple and cost-effective gift card program that integrates with Clover POS solutions.