Payment device accessories

Add the accessories you need: printers, cash drawers, weight scales – and more.

Kitchen printer compatible with Clover Station and Clover Mini

Star Kitchen Printer

A fast, two-color printer that prints standard and large sizes. When you use it with Clover® Station and Clover Mini, you can even print orders in different languages (for Asian characters, order the STAR SP742 Asian Character Kitchen Printer). An extra-long 50-foot LAN cable is also available for purchase.

Cash drawer accessory for use with Clover Station and Clover Mini

Clover Cash Drawer

Compatible with Clover Station and Clover Mini when using the Register or Register Lite software plan, this cash drawer is white steel with brushed aluminum face and includes a bill tray, coin tray, two keys and a cable. Dimensions: Width: 16.54 inches. Height: 16.54 inches. Depth: 4.3 inches.

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CAS 20-Pound Weight Scale

Frozen yogurt shops and other merchants that sell wares by weight can speed up checkout with the customized Clover weight scale, compatible with Clover Station and Clover Mini. This scale supports up to 20 pounds, switches easily between grams and ounces and automatically passes weight information into Clover point-of-sale solutions for a quick, accurate checkout process.

Printer accessory for Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile Printer

Clover Mobile can pair with this Clover Mobile Printer to produce paper receipts, even on the go. Clover Mobile Printer comes with a baseclip and is made of liquid silicone rubber for improved drop performance.

Barcode scanner for Clover Station and Clover Mini

Motorola Customized Barcode Scanner

Capture barcodes from paper labels, electronic barcodes displayed on screens (allowing for easy processing of loyalty cards), mobile coupons and more, as well as high-density (HD) barcodes used in specialty retail and electronic manufacturing. An optional stand enables an automatic switch between handheld and hands-free modes. The Clover-customized version enables easy plug-and-play setup and is compatible with Clover Station and Clover Mini.

Keypad accessory for use with Clover Mini

Clover Merchant Keypad

Engage your customers while they pay on Clover Mini as you control the process from the Clover Merchant Keypad. Quickly toggle between taking payments, issuing card refunds and authorizing cards for later payments, while presenting customers with Clover Mini as a friendly and modern payment display.

Docking station for Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile Dock

Clover Mobile Dock both holds and powers Clover Mobile. Keep it on the counter or mount it to wall vertically or horizontally. You can use this dock as a charging station or to secure Clover Mobile to Dock as a permanent fixture. Additional Clover Mobile docks can be purchased.

Clip accessory for Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile Clip

Carry your Clover Mobile around, hands-free, with a holster. Initiate an order with a Clover Mobile in your hand and once you’re done, free your hands by sliding Clover Mobile into your holster clip.

Extra cash tray accessory for Clover cash drawer

Bill and Coin Extra Tray

Custom-designed for the Clover cash drawer.

Tray locking lid for Clover cash drawer

Tray Locking Lid

Custom-designed for the Clover cash drawer bill and coin tray.

PIN shield for security when using Clover Mini

PIN Shield for Clover Mini

Add extra security so your customers can enter PINs safely during debit purchases. The PIN shield fits securely on the Clover Mini and is used only during PIN entry. Simply remove after PIN is entered and customer completes transaction.

Printer paper for Clover POS solutions from Bank of America Merchant Services

Printer Paper

The Clover Station Printer takes 3-⅛-inch by 230-feet thermal paper rolls. The internal Clover Mini printer and Clover Mobile printer take rolls that are 2-¼-inches wide by 85-feet long (also used by the FD130 terminal). The Star SP700 Kitchen Printer (commonly referred to as the Impact Printer) takes 76-mm paper rolls with a roll diameter of up to 85-mm.