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Resources for small business owners

Key things you need to know about small business payment services.

How 500 small businesses tackle payments

Get your free copy of the 3rd annual Small Business Payments Spotlight for must-read insights about consumer and payment trends.

News you can use for small business success

Small Talk with Bank of America Merchant Services brings you quarterly insights on the most important payments, eCommerce and security trends.

4 top reasons for choosing Bank of America Merchant Services

Find out why our clients choose us over the competition for their payment processing and business management technology.

Secrets of today’s fastest-growing restaurants

To understand how full-service restaurants can remain competitive and even expand in this challenging environment, consider what some of the fastest-growing full-service restaurants are doing.

3 improvements restaurants can make to meet diners’ demands

Customers are expecting more from the restaurants they visit, challenging owners to improve efficiency, convenience and overall satisfaction. Here are three ways restaurants can overcome these challenges.

3 ways to make your small business more competitive by summer

It’s a question small business owners wonder daily: “How can I make my business stand out from the competition?” Based on survey results of more than 500 small business owners and consumers, we recommend owners consider these three tactics to help increase sales and expand your customer base.

Small Business Payments Spotlight

Read our 2018 study of payments-focused attitudes and behaviors among U.S. small business owners and consumers.

How to choose a point-of-sale solution

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right POS solution for your business. Ask these five questions to help determine which is best for you.

Small businesses: Going digital

In “Digital Transformation of SMBs: The Future of Commerce,” Visa presents research and advice to help small- and medium-sized businesses use digital technologies to grow customer loyalty and sales. Bank of America Merchant Services is pleased to showcase this guide in association with Visa.

Payment services basics for small business

New to payment services? This will help get you up to speed in no time.

How to manage payment costs

As a business owner, there are steps you can take to help lower your fees. Here’s how.

Keep your small business safe; security and fraud tips

Learn more about payment security and get tips to help keep card data secure.

How to set up your new merchant services account

What happens if you’re approved? Here’s what you need to know to get up and running.

What business apps will help your small business?

So many apps. So many ways to help your business.1


Have questions about the world of merchant services? Check out our FAQs or speak to a business consultant at 1.888.296.3708.

Click to sell: An eCommerce webinar

Join us for an educational webinar exploring how to create an online store that is secure and a joy for customers to use. Hosted September 18, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET.

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