Small business solutions

Solutions for virtually any type of business, and a business consultant who can help you decide what’s appropriate for yours.

We offer a robust suite of processing, eCommerce and security solutions, which are designed to help small business to grow, to be more efficient and to deliver better customers experiences. And we’re here to walk you through it, step-by-step.

Man making eCommerce transaction on tablet device


Every day, more customers are shopping online. eCommerce Payment Gateway gives you a simple way to accept payments through your website or app.

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Woman signing a check at merchant with Clover Check Acceptance

Check Acceptance

Clover® Check Acceptance1 empowers small business owners to accept checks with ease and confidence. Leveraging a real-time TeleCheck® database, Clover Check Acceptance can help identify risk associated with check-writing customers and help minimize fraud and/or loss.

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Merchant accepting gift card at a Clover Station from Bank of America Merchant Services

Prepaid gift cards

Our gift card program enables you to offer digital and physical gift cards, with reporting to monitor and manage success. Helps you attract new customers, improve loyalty and drive revenue.

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Laptop screen showing a security message


Clover Security Plus offers a bundle of security tools. including encryption and tokenization of card data, liability waiver up to $100,000 and PCI Compliance online tools. It helps you minimize risk of a loss and also keeps client card data secure.2

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Woman wearing apron taking notes and reading Small Business Insights and Analytics reports with a tablet device

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive software interprets a business’s own sales information to uncover opportunities and accelerate growth. It also helps you use transaction data to better understand your business.3

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