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Clover® Check Acceptance expands your payment options

Accept checks at your small business with ease and confidence

Clover Check Acceptance1 makes it easy to accept checks. Leveraging a robust, real-time database, Clover Check Acceptance can help identify risk associated with check-writing customers and minimize fraud or loss.

Benefits for small business owners

Offers an additional payment option: Welcoming customers to pay as they please can result in increased customer satisfaction and more revenue.

Saves time: Electronic check acceptance means you no longer have to spend time handling paper checks. Checkout is also faster than with traditional checks.

Enhances cash flow: Approved transactions are typically funded electronically within two business days.2

Choose from two services that will help you confidently process checks:

Warranty: Receive an approved or denied response for every check, and Telecheck, the company behind Clover Check Acceptance, absorbs any returned check losses so you don’t have to.3

Verification: Receive an approved or denied response is for every check, but returned check costs are absorbed by the merchant.

Additionally, customers leave the POS with check in hand, better protecting them from fraud and eliminating risk associated with the merchant retaining paper checks.

Choose from a variety of Clover Check Acceptance products to meet your needs

In person: Paper checks are converted to electronic transactions at point-of-sale.

Online: Enable customers to make purchases using their checking accounts.

By mail/drop box: Paper checks are converted to electronic transactions in a back-office environment.

Recurring payment: Set up pre-arranged payments from customers’ checking accounts.

By phone: Enable customers to make secure check payments over the phone.

Already using Clover Station, Mobile or Mini? Check acceptance is easy!

  • Download the Check Acceptance app from the Clover App Market.
  • Choose the appropriate Check Acceptance product(s) based on business needs.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Install and set up the chosen Check Acceptance products.
  • Check Acceptance button appears on register and merchant is ready to accept checks.

Not using a Clover POS? You can still use Clover Check Acceptance; simply contact us via phone, chat or email.

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