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Make informed business decisions with reporting and analytics

Business Track®: staying informed is critical to making solid decisions about your small business.

This easy-to-use suite of online tools enables Bank of America Merchant Services clients to quickly and easily access important information to manage their businesses. Leverage today’s business insights to shape tomorrow’s success.

Benefits for small business owners

Our intuitive, web-based reporting tools are accessible from virtually anywhere at any time, so you’re never more than a few clicks away from valuable information.

  • Manage your business more effectively with centralized data.
  • Enjoy an at-a-glance view of your payment processing.
  • Manage data through a variety of flexible reporting solutions.
  • Stay informed about key deposit, dispute and reconciliation events.
  • Spend less time searching for data and more time on other tasks.

Key features of the user-friendly Business Track portal

ClientLine®: Enjoy a simplified user interface and customizable reports. Access up to 25 months of summarized data and 13 months of detailed data.

Dispute ManagerSM: Effectively and efficiently manage sales disputes (chargebacks and retrievals) in a real-time environment.

Statements: Statements provide critical details about payment processing activity so you can better manage your business.

Merchant Alerts: Receive timely notifications regarding your Daily Account Summary, Dispute Activity, and Monthly Statement Availability.

Clover®: Web Dashboard: access data virtually anywhere, any time

In addition to Business Track, users of Clover POS solutions receive access to their own Clover Web Dashboard and mobile app. Keep an eye on sales, inventory and detailed product-based reporting that will help you better understand your business.

Need more data? Purchase enhanced reporting tools to help you uncover trends, compare your business to industry benchmarks, view statistics about your customer segments, track hourly sales, and more.

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